3 Reasons Your Conversation Rates are Going Down Day by Day

3 Reasons Your Conversation Rates are Going Down Day by Day

It is not a good sight to look at your conversion rates going down. It may frustrate you to the core after all the efforts you have chipped in. Any kind of drop has many reasons behind it. You may bring back the numbers, but waiting is never a good idea. Sudden drops in conversions can overwhelm you when you don’t know where to look for. But a conversion rate optimization Singapore agency may know why. Here are the reasons listed by them to why your conversion rates are going down day by day.

  1. Tracking codes

You may believe that your analytics tracking codes aka tags are flawless. But that doesn’t happen often. When your tracking codes are improperly installed, they can drop down your conversion rates. It may even get corrupted when you make tiny tweaks in your site or when working on a new campaign or when working on the landing page. You may want to go back and check what you recently modified. Make the most of Google Analytics’ Annotations to do the same. For making sure your tracking codes are working as they are supposed to be, try Google Tag Assistant.

  1. Lack of browser compatibility

Google Analytics may effectively show where the problem lies. Look for a significant drop in conversions on all active browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, IE and on mobiles, iOS and Android. Inspect the checkout flow, forms, on exit intent popups and the landing pages with that browser. Remember that not all browsers work the same on every OS. Hence, you may have to keep an eye on Windows, Mac and Linux too.

  1. Check if it is compatible with your mobile devices

You may have checked everything is working correctly, display and technical wise. But you may have forgotten what the mobile users are experiencing in the conversion department. You may only be prepared for desktop users but not for mobile users. Make the most of Google Analytics and compare the traffic for both devices under Mobile Audience overview every year.