The Importance of Private Shredding Facilities

The Importance of Private Shredding Facilities

Business documentation and the reams of paper that are filled with notes each day in an office environment are sometimes just thrown to waste. But what happens about the information that is present on those bits of paper? As a business owner you have to be legally compliant with data protection laws and regulations. As standard practice a secure approach to take is one where you regularly shred business documents that are no longer needed, either in the office or through a secure external team who collect your materials in a private lockable cabinet for shredding and take them away to be securely shredded.

Shredding your physical business documents that are no longer pertinent to your organisation could include information about your customers, their financial and personal details, as well as that of your suppliers and employees. Notes that are written down on pieces of paper by your staff members during each day might not seem that important, but why take the risk? Include these little tidbits of information in your shredding culture just to stay on the safe side.

There are a number of benefits to shredding your business documents on a regular basis, including the removal of unwanted waste, freeing up space that can be better utilised by your company to make money. It also helps you to comply with data privacy law. Whether you choose to shred your physical business paper documents in-house or hire a company to shred on your behalf, is down to your choice.

Shred Your Documents In House – One way in which you can ensure that you shred your business documents is to have a culture where your employees shred paper as and when it becomes waste. There could be a shredding machine within every team, or one single shredder for the entire office. This makes sure that the shredding process becomes an integral part of the culture of the company, but means there is a start-up cost to purchasing or hiring the shredder and teaching multiple staff members on how to correctly use it

Hire the Services of Professional Shredders – The alternative is to tie in with an external professional shredding service. You can still instil a culture of recycling within your organisation through the process of putting paper waste into locked shredding cabinets for confidential paperwork that needs to be destroyed. Once paper has been posted through the slot only the nominated key holder can access it. This approach to shredding ensures that once collected, your paper waste is taken to a close-by, secure location and shredded within 24-hours. High quality shredding services will conduct this whilst being filmed by CCTV and provide you with a certificate of destruction to prove that your paper waste has been securely destroyed. This covers you legally in terms of data protection and the information the documents might contain.

As you can see there is a range of benefits and ways in which you can dispose of your paper waste in an office environment.