5 Important Questions that You Should Ask Yourself after a Slip Trip and Fall Injury

Slip-and-fall injuries usually occur in places like movie theatres, retail shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Remember that if your property is not constructed properly it may leave your family members or tenants in danger. As per the law when a slip-and-fall accident happen due to the negligence of a property owner then the injured victim will have all rights to file a lawsuit to get some good compensation for the damage and loss occurred. Check the below list to know about the causes of slip and fall injury.

  • Poor Lighting
  • Icy Condition
  • Ripped Carpeting
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Wet Floors
  • Defective Staircases
  • Defective Construction
  • Hidden Wires or Cords

Questions which you should ask yourself?

Even though you know that somebody else is responsible for your injury, you should know what proofs you have to produce and how to make your case strong. If you are not aware about how to make your case strong, then hiring a slip-and-fall attorney would be your right choice. However, before speaking with an attorney here are some questions which you should ask yourself.

  • Am I alright?

Question yourself whether you are fine or not. If you are injured make sure that you consult a doctor immediately. Besides, if you are not in a position to go to a hospital then call 911 for immediate help. Never say that you are fine until and unless you are sure about it. Remember, in certain cases you will feel the pain immediately after the injury. Hence, you have to consult a doctor even though you are not experiencing the pain to avoid unnecessary problems in future.

  • How did I get injured?

Question yourself about how did you get injured and what made you fall. If you are not sure about it then check the area where you are injured too know about it. Capture the photographs of that area to maintain some proofs about your slip-and-fall accident. If you are injured due to a defective property or a staircase, a property owner can make the changes immediately after knowing about your injury. Hence, it is highly necessary for you to shoot that area where you or your friend is injured immediately.

  • Did anybody see me?

Check whether if anybody has seen you or not when this incident happened and keep their contact information with you.

  • To whom shall I report this incident?

Speak with the owner of that property and inform him about your injury. If you are injured in a shopping mall or a grocery store then make sure that you take a written statement from the manager of that mall or grocery store.

  • What I have to do next?

Do not take stress and follow the advice given by your doctor. Take rest to recover as soon as possible. People who have been injured by slip and falls may not be able manage this case by themselves without taking the help of an attorney. Hence, you could consult a slip-and-fall attorney for filing a lawsuit against the person because of whom you are injured.

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