5 Out Of the Box Meeting Ideas Every Manager Must Consider

Business meetings in salle de réunion don’t have to be boring anymore. Here are some of the most interesting out of the box meeting ideas every manager should consider.

  1. Walk and talk

If you want to stifle with the participants’ creativity and energy, go for an seated around the table meeting arrangement. In order to combat this boring setting, the company bosses are going for walk and talk meetings. This always works.

  1. Go for a stand up meeting

This is one of the best ways to boost the engagement of employees and encouraging them for sharing information and ideas. Standing up would also make the participants more active. Hence, they are inclined to work together and take part in discussions as well. Additionally, this active position focuses the attention as well. When you go for a seated arrangement, the passive attendees would simply slump in chairs with drooping eyelids. Stand up meetings always keeps the participants present and focused.

  1. No one can say no to a café

This very method for organizing business meetings keeps every employee involved. The idea is quite simple, for generating ideas and encouraging innovative thinking via the lively round table discussions. This method splits the group up in 6 tables of 3 to 4 people for discussing a chosen topic for a specific amount of time. After the time up, every person changes table to participants for sharing their ideas and work together for creating action plans.

  1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming refers to a group problem solving technique that involves every participant’s inventiveness and spontaneity. The participants organize productive and free discussions for gathering as many new ideas as possible and also empower everyone to contribute to the ideas.

  1. Teambuilding activities

The team building activities like chair races, minefields etc. give an opportunity for social interaction with the colleagues during a business meeting. These activities don’t only lead to group cohesion but also strengthens team spirit. This will also make it easy for the company to get the message across. For bonus, this will also create great memories with your coworkers in this out of the box meeting. This will also create a friendly work environment that will help in optimizing everyone’s productivity.

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