5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance in Advance

The moment you plan a trip, start looking for a good travel insurance company as well. Securing yourself beforehand is a wise decision, as you can never tell what’s coming next for you. Not only are the medical costs covered under a travel plan, but it also covers other contingencies related to travel that might incur a financial loss. You must know how to choose the appropriate travel plan, for instance, if you want to travel to any of the Asian countries, you can opt for travel insurance Asia specific plan.

However, when people go to purchase a travel insurance policy, instead of doing it immediately, they might delay the process until the very last moment, which is absolutely wrong. Instead, you must invest in a travel insurance policy in advance once you’ve booked your trip, here are a few reasons why:

  1. Coverage for an illness that occurs after purchasing the policy

Most of the travel insurance companies in India usually do not provide coverage for medical complications arising out of a pre-existing illness. If the same illness occurs after you’ve bought the policy, you will receive the coverage. If you purchase travel insurance online well in advance and later on face an illness, you will receive coverage in case it becomes chronic and requires you to get hospitalized. On the other hand, if you face an illness before you take the journey, it will be excluded from the coverage.

  1. Coverage against trip cancellations

No matter how excited you are for your trip, in case of any unfortunate event you might have to cancel the plan. Once this happens, you lose all the money that you spent on booking the tickets in advance. However, if you already had a travel insurance policy, your insurer would have paid for the trip cancellations.

  1. Forgetting to buy the travel insurance policy

If you keep delaying the task of buying travel insurance to the last minute, you might forget about it entirely. Everything else will be in place, and you must be all excited and about to take off, but without financial security. You might end up getting on the flight without any coverage.

  1. Modifications are possible

You can easily modify your travel insurance policy even after purchasing. Once you’ve bought the policy and later feel the need to enhance your coverage with a particular add-on, you can purchase it by paying a little extra premium. This can only be done when you buy the policy in advance and not the last minute. You need the time to reconsider features that you buy in haste and modify the coverage if required later.

  1. Comparison is possible

There are several travel insurance policies available in the market and so many of them offer the same coverage for better prices. To make sure that you receive the best policy, compare various plans, and then go for the one that fits in your budget. If you purchase the policy in advance, you have the time to shop around and check several other plans.

Considering all the aforementioned benefits, it is always better to invest in a travel insurance plan in advance. If you’re traveling with elderly people, you can go for travel insurance for senior citizens, which is custom-made as per their needs. You can also make changes in the plan later if you wish. Book a travel plan as soon as you’ve booked tickets as well as hotel accommodations, and do not take any chance whatsoever.

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