5 Steps to Great Production

In order to become a great videographer, it is important that you know how to properly plan out production. For starters, you shouldn’t limit yourself and you should always keep an open and creative mind. If it is required of you to be creative, you will find these 5 steps very useful:

  1. Gather Information – During the creative thinking process, you will need to determine what it is you are trying to accomplish. How would you like your video to affect its audience? Are you looking to motivate, inform or stir emotion? This is also the time to determine your intended audience. Keep in mind your timeline, budget and resources for the project. Write down all the info you collect.
  2. Pick a Format – Decide the format(s) you will be using for the production of your film. The most common forms are interviews, documentary, video magazine (two hosts, usually behind a desk, that talk and banter about various topics. Similar to entertainment news shows), story based (scripted with actors) and talking head (like an interview, but only the subject is filmed answering question. The interviewer is edited in later on).
  3. Select Style – During this process, you will need to identify the type of personality the project has. Consider the flavor and feeling you’d like to convey in the program. Will it be a formal or informal film? For instance, interviews are formal and talk shows, like Oprah, are more informal. If you’ll be filming an interview, determine whether it will be narrated or if the subject will be telling their own story.
  4. Add Elements as Appropriate – Now that you have the element and style of the production, you’ll need to decide which elements fit the project. Take a look at all footage to see if there is anything already available that is related to the subject. Look at the footage even if you won’t use it; this may help you to learn more about the subject. Will before and after shots be needed? If you will be filming a process, this may be so.
  5. Use Testimonials – You can use testimonials to backup the video you are producing. It is very easy to incorporate – just film a couple of everyday people who have something to say about the product or topic you are filming. After a while, the shots can get pretty boring, so try to use different locations or use one room with different props and set-ups.

Becoming a videographer means having great vision. If you’ve got that, then all you need is the right steps to help you complete your projects. Production can take a long time, from days to even years, depending on what you’re creating. Obviously, movies and documentaries will take much longer than a music video.

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