6 Tips to Organize Apparel Warehouse for Extra Efficiency

Running an apparel boutique means offering designer clothes to your clients. For this, you are constantly updating to trendy apparels but undoubtedly experience an issue of organizing the inventory.

Well organized warehouse will enhance your consumer and staff experience. The staff will be able to find everything easily and be able to satisfy consumers by fulfilling their orders quickly and accurately. Your workers will work productively. It will free them from finding things and enable them to help other projects.

Boutiques on tight budget can rent box inventory storage at a great price. Thus, you will not require cutting down your trendy apparel stock but display freshest clothing available. Self storage unit for inventory is a good solution for small boutiques. If you own a warehouse to store apparel inventory then here are tips to organize it.

Set up a receiving section

All new merchandise needs to get unloaded in the warehouse receiving section. Receiving department will label new arrivals properly and perform quality control checks. Reject products, which is not appropriate and ensure it gets flagged in automated warehouse inventory system. The stock then gets stored in proper location.

Print or photo labels

All the item labels need to carry basic details like item name, colour, size, and SKU. The staffs need to look at the label to identify the needed product without opening the box. Prints on the labels need to be bold and large. Make sure the typo is readable. Photo labels are also good option. For example, when they see the picture of a red sock they can pick it easily without spending time to read each box.

Electronic layout system

Warehouse layout needs to be stored electronically because paper layout copy can get torn, lost, or destroyed. Automated system helps to keep track of inventory from time it arrived through every phase in the system, until it gets delivered to the shipping port. Moreover, you gain access to your inventory anytime.

Smart stacking

Warehouse staff stacks the products vertically. It saves space and helps to keep well-organized. You can read labels standing in one place rather than walk down horizontally stacked boxes.

Right shelving

If you go cheap on shelves then you will experience them buckling, which can damage the merchandise. Good shelving is costly but make sure to research first. Take measurement before buying and ensure everything fits.

Leave sufficient moving space

You can squeeze plenty of inventories in the warehouse but you will need room for moving. Shelves placed close by will make merchandise moving a couple of minutes rather than seconds. Cleaning the aisle will be hard, if it is cluttered with items. Workers can trip, fall, get injured or damage inventory they are moving.

Frequently revaluate your warehouse organization with the help of your staff.

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