A Cloud-Based Loan System Simplifies Loan Management Tasks

If you are a credit provider in Australia, you can simplify your work, thanks to today’s technologies. In this case, you need a software system that is customised to your needs and specifications. Credit providers that benefit from this type of software programme include commercial financing companies and financial businesses that provide consumer loans such as lines of credit or traditional fixed-term loans.

A Multi-Payment Platform

A company such as Mutual Service can provide your loan business with this technology, making it possible for you to enjoy a number of features. For example, this type of loan system software features a multi-payment platform that permits BPAY, Paypal, and direct payments for easy loan repayments by clients.

Bank-Level Security

You also can benefit from the software programme because it features bank-level security. That way, you can feel confident about the data that is submitted for financial consideration and loan processing. An analytical reporting feature enables you to assess your loan accounts so you can acquire future business as well.

Avoid Any Involved Setup

When you can use this type of system, you can seamlessly provide credit to customers with streamlined efficiency. By using a cloud-based system, you can eliminate the need for any involved setup as well as the accompanying costs. This type of innovative programme covers each aspect of the loan management cycle.

How the Programme Is Designed

The programme begins with loan origination, or the point of enquiry and the application process. Next, a credit assessment is performed using the latest in automation. After the credit assessment has been performed, contract generation follows. An online e-sign makes it easy to execute the documentation for storage.

Fund Transfer and Repayment

An auto-integration feature makes it possible to set up the loan and input and export a bank’s data for fund transfer and loan repayment. These types of processes can be performed with a mere click of a button. This type of software also supports a communication module that features attributes such as email, SMS, and LiveChat mediums that can all be integrated into the system.

Software Support Is Featured as Well

You do not have to worry about it if you should have enquiries as well. You will receive ongoing support 24/7. After-hours assistance is available through email. What is nice about this loan management system too is its affordability.

This means that you do not have to spend a great deal of money on the software yet you still receive a full array of loan features. The software development cost is shared by the provider and the clients that use the system. Therefore, you can make use of a superior loan management system and keep your costs low at the same time.

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