A Guide to Setting Up an Office

Creating a business empire is exciting stuff, and in order to carve out your share of a very competitive market, you need to play your very best game. Whatever your chosen industry, your office will very much be your control room, unlike a few years ago when you would have to spend a lot of time on the road, today’s entrepreneur can do everything from his laptop, and with that in mind, here is a guide to setting up an office for a new business venture.

Finding the Right Venue

If you are looking for small office space, there are online solutions in the form of commercial real estate agents, and while a prestigious business address is not essential, you do need sufficient space to handle an expansion. If the rent is right and you have unrestricted access, anywhere will suffice, providing your business is not retail.

Furnishing the Office

Fortunately, Buy Direct Online sells office furniture, and they are Australia’s leading online office furniture supplier that has everything you could need. Shopping online is very convenient, and once you have everything in your shopping cart, a secure online payment will see the items dispatched to your new office address. Your office chair will be an item that you will spend the majority of your working day sitting on, so make sure you invest in a good quality model, and the office furniture should also be good quality, as this will pay dividends in the long run.


An essential component of any office, you will need at least one landline, plus a separate line for your Broadband connection, and with online providers, you can quickly have your office hooked up and then you have contact with the outside world. There are many Internet service providers, so you can compare prices, and they typically have several packages to suit businesses of every size, and the smallest package would be more than adequate for a startup.

Interior Decoration

If it is just you who will be working in the office, you might be tempted to skip hiring a decorator, and if you won’t be entertaining clients, then you can skimp on office décor, at least for a while. Our immediate working environment does have an effect on us, so try to decorate the office accordingly, and with the right lighting, it will be a place you enjoy spending time in.


It is important to provide a level of security, which can be achieved with a couple of CCTV cameras, and you could install a keyless access control system, which means you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys.


The last thing to do is arrange for an office cleaning company to pop round on a daily basis, to ensure that your working space is always clean and tidy. Of course, you could easily handle this yourself, providing you have the time, and if you are on a tight startup budget, the cleaner is not an essential service.

This call all be done in a few days, and with the office furniture arriving, your new workspace will be ready for action.

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