Choosing Corrugated Boxes that Suit your Product

Corrugated boxes are the most common kinds of shipping containers often used for distribution. They offer protection to the product inside them by blocking, cushioning, and bracing the impact. As long as the box has the right size and style, it will keep all items inside it safe.

Reasons to Use Corrugated Boxes

Shipping boxes must have bar codes and labels to identify their contents and offer a sort of regulatory and legal information. Also, companies use boxes for marketing purposes and thus include attractive graphics for better product or company identification. There are various kinds of corrugated boxes such as laminated and 3ply corrugated boxes that can be used for multiple purposes. Belley packaging comes with extra safety and security features in the form of double-walled corrugated or void fills.

Tips for Choosing Corrugated Boxes

Because there are various kinds of corrugated boxes on the market, you must consider some factors to choose the right one for your products:

  • Your product type. Consider your product’s weight and if there are some constraints that must be addressed when stacking pallets of finished products in your warehouse. Also, consider if your product must be transported in long distances, exposed to humid conditions during transport, or rough terrains. These considerations will help you determine the quality of packaging your product needs.

  • Box variations. Corrugated boxes come in various shapes and sizes. While some have four closing flaps and closed by tape, others have a lid and handles. Thus, if you make different kinds of products, you will want to consider various styles of corrugated to fit all of your products.
  • Box dimensions. As you work with a box supplier, they will provide the right packaging solution to protect your products, optimize your packaging process, and make your logistics chain more sustainable. They will have to know the length, height, and width of your products to determine the right box dimensions.
  • Printing technique. The right technique depends on some colors in your design and the kind of cardboard you choose. These techniques include flexo printing, digital printing, and offset printing. Flexo printing supports all color designs and is often used for big print runs. With digital printing, the print can be easily customized, making it ideal for startup businesses, seasonal packaging designs, and smaller runs. Lastly, offset printing offers excellent print quality. But, because it uses hard plates, it is not ideal for all materials.

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