CONEXPO 2023: John Deere Commands with latest Heavy Machine Line-Up & Bobcat Unveils First All-Electric Skid Steer Model on the Planet

John Deere made big waves at CONEXPO 2023 after the leading manufacturer of heavy machines launching exceptionally designed and developed machines at the CONEXPO 2023. Located at two booths at the expo outdoors and indoor (West Hall), the manufacturer introduced a range of machines that were particularly focused on performance and practicality for their latest excavators, dozers and electric backhoes among others, however the show stealers during the expo was the debut of John Deere’ s three latest large skid steers and compact track loaders. Both the 333P-T and the 334P-T skid steer loader and as well as the 335P-T compact track loader boasted a range of features which included, but were not limited to redesigned cabs that offered operators superior elements of comfort such as vented/ heated operator seats, digital touch-screen displays, Bluetooth, JD-Link telematics, optional features such as optional surround view and so much more. It is expected that the new 334PT and as well as the 335PT will be appealing to the construction equipment rental niche within the scope of industry players given the latest technologies that have been merged to these machine, lower ownership costs and unmatched durability which is critical to heavy machine equipment rental companies that provide equipment such as skid steers for hire at low prices. These skid steers are unique as these machines have been designed in such a way that they may be optimized further or customised for clients who require more power. Ryan Campbell of John Deere indicated that the launch of these skid steers was objectively scheduled as relevancy to the market is a critical success factor, and timing is everything within the construction industry. According to him, the good news is that all major manufacturers are bringing hardware and features that are new to the industry and the bad news is some are practical whilst others are not. “The most important aspect of designing any machine is the satisfaction of those who operate the machines at project sites and they are the very people that the sales depend upon” quoted Campbell.

On the other front Bobcat made its own waves and splashes with the release of the manufacturers S7X skid steer which is the world’s 1ST all-electric skid steer loader. The S7X has gone beyond industry expectations with the new Rogue X concept which explores from all perspectives the capabilities of electric powered machines such as autonomous operation elements and even and dual lift arm geometry. According to Scott Park (Doosan Bobcat Vice Chairman), Bobcat has always been innovating for customers based on need and as well as practicality towards better efficiency and higher productivity. The new skid steer loader is not available on the skid steer for hire market just yet, but it will be eventually after the cost of manufacturing such machines is lowered. The skid steer runs on a 60.5 kWh lithium-ion battery and uses electrically driven motors and ball-screw actuators for various functions such as lifting and tilting. Thus far, the response from visitors at the expo has been exceptionally positive not only because of the fact that it is all electric, but also due to the machine’s superior performance characteristics such as rapid torque (three times greater), zero emission, low vibration and almost silent during operations. The machine (the S7X) is fully workable for 8 hours after a proper singular charge (this however is dependent upon the application as more strenuous tasks drain more power). A complete 100 % charge requires about 10 hours.

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