Different Types of Forestry Equipment

Loggers and foresters usually rely on variety of equipment and tools to properly do all work of cutting as well as processing of trees. In this post, we are providing a brief overview about few of the basic equipment required for optimal performance.

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  • Delimbers

In forestry/logging work Delimbers are important tools. There are 3 basic methods to delimb a tree:

  • Gate
  • Pull-through

All 3 are landing-based, and also low-cost. They are most suitable for such situations where quality of remaining wood will be not important.

  • Feller bunchers

These types of feller bunchers have single cutting head and are self-propelled machines. They can grip more than single stem immediately, and the cutting heads will function only as holding, cutting and placed on ground. They have got no processing capabilities.

  • Stump grinders

Stump grinders can remove tree stumps either by rotating or cutting disk. It can vary in size, and is small like lawn mower or large as truck. Mostly accomplish their task with high-speed disk having teeth that grinds stump and then roots into smaller chips.

  • Mulchers

Mulchers which is used in the logging and forestry operations are little different breed as compared to those which typically serve in home landscaping operations. They are outfitted with a fixed-tooth rotor system or swinging hammer.

  • Yarders

Yarder will use system of cables for pulling or flying logs to landing. Yarders will consist of engine, spar and drums, but have variety of configurations and ranges e.g.  swing yarder.

It is so called due to its swing boom. Any other yarders will rely on fixed boom.

  • Forwarders

Forwarder will move large felled log from stump to roadside landing. It may differ from skidder by lifting log at least 2 feet above ground, that reduces soil impact. Usually forwarders work with machine in logging operation which need cut-to-length results.

  • Log loaders

The log loader cans stack and sort logs into piles. If the piles are in right size, loaders will move them to transport trucks. Three types of loaders available:

  • Wheeled,
  • Tracked
  • Trailer mounted
  • Harvesters

Harvesters are a kind of self-propelled cutting machines. Harvesters can both fell as well as process stems. They can be wheeled or tracked and feature cutting head which fells, bucks and delimbs trees to certain specific lengths.

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