Does Email Marketing Really Work?

Having a popular social media presence is seen as the pinnacle of success. However, while it is certainly advantageous to have a strong following on Twitter or Facebook, more people are turning, or returning, to email marketing. Since emails are not kept and shared openly, it is easy to see them as less effective as social media, but this is not the case. Here are the key reasons why the email list remains the most effective form of marketing and, by proxy, an important source of revenue.

Direct to Inbox

Increasingly, social media profiles are having to combat filters and reorganisation. No longer can a post be assured to reach your entire following nor maintain in place in a set timeline. It is also cumbersome to balance the spread of your message through hashtags and responses while wanting to maintain your professionalism.

Email marketing bypasses this. With direct access to a personal inbox, your message is assured to reach your intended audience. Not only does it reach your audience but people’s inboxes are checked instead of skipped. While a post may be easily or mistakenly passed on a social media feed, an inbox is checked. A person is assured to check their inbox and, therefore, your marketing.

Targeted Messages

This directness also means that you can choose your demographic. If you have a marketing campaign that fits only a certain portion of your customer base, then you have the ability to appeal to them directly. This helps you avoid flooding social media with posts that only apply to a small portion of customers.

This type of direct marketing is proven to generate far more revenue than a broad message across platforms. For sales based marketing, in particular, your product is almost three times as likely to be purchased through email marketing as any social media platform.

Email Supports Social Media

Maintaining your place on your customers’ radar is paramount. You want to make sure that, when considering a product, a potential customer thinks of yours. While a confident social media presence can underpin this, emailing can do the same while also supporting social media.

Your database of email marketing is a useful tool. Your customer and audience have said that they wish to keep updated with you. Not only is this conducive to maintaining a strong level of customer engagement but it can also help to grow your social media platform. You may direct your subscribers to your social media platform or a specific post to help it gain traction. In addition, your social media can help to grow your email marketing audience.

Managing Your Email

While social media platforms are fundamentally easy to use, email marketing may seem trickier. The advantage of having a versatile platform means that it requires a little more attention. While previously this may have been unfeasible for a growing company, services such as are becoming more popular. They can help to organise and maintain audiences of any size while also helping you to reach your potential revenue from email marketing.

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