Errors People Make When Packing Large Items for Home Moving

If you’re looking at moving of all of your household goods and personal items from one home to another, remember that it is a large task, which will involve many moving responsibilities, all waiting to be completed. And while some of them can be more gruelling than others, packing is the most known time-consuming of them all.


If you think about the time and effort that packing up can take, it’s really not that surprising that errors will happen. In order to help you move with as much ease as possible, here are some common packing errors that most good people make when moving home.

You Will Need Plenty of Time

There are people out there that can just pack up and move in no time at all. But most of us normal folk require a week or three to completely pack up all our belongings and be ready. Just make sure not to leave things until the last moment, as there will be movers arriving at a set time and the last thing you want to be doing is hanging around whilst you pack! For all kinds of removals including business removals in Berkshire, make sure to use a reliable and experienced service.

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

One of the hardest aspects about packing is choosing when to start. If you’re looking at packing smaller items first, or working room to room, select a starting point to help work out how long it’s going to take you to get the job done.

Right Tools are a Must

Packing will move that much faster when using the right tools. Running short of boxes, tape, or things like bubble wrap will be a hindrance, especially if it happens near to moving day. Obtain the tools you will need and then get a little extra tape and other necessaries before you begin.

Sort Out the Boxes

You might need different sized boxes depending on what you will be moving. Plus, get a couple more than you think you may need and pack those things that you won’t be using as you get nearer to the moving date.


Write down what has gone into which box and then label them. This will make your job that much easier when opening them after the move. If you have boxes lying around your home with no labels, when you choose to open them it will be like playing Russian roulette!

Fragile Items Equals Larger Boxes

One other typical error that people who are moving make is packing things large items like picture frames and mirrors into boxes fit perfectly. Major error! Give those fragile items breathing room with plenty of packing to lower any risk of damage.

Pack a Necessaries Box

For most people, this will not be their first move. But they still forget to pack a necessaries box, not thinking that they will need some items very soon after arrival in the new home. So, remember to put aside an easily accessible box of items that you will be needing very soon.

From Here to There

Now, that should help you to get everything from A to B, with the greatest of ease!

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