Few Benefits of Wide Flange Beams for Eliminating Lally Columns

Lally columns are those steel structures that is positioned vertically for supporting beams. Though they were useful option to provide support, they were initially developed during the 19th century.

Now, there are more practical ways of achieving structural support. Among them one such option will be application of wide flange beam.

Now, by using steel Houston team you can find following few advantages to incorporate wide flange beams in the structure for eliminating lally columns:

  • Improved weight distribution

One of the biggest benefits of using such wide-flange beams in the residential home building will be that they will allow builders to distribute better weight load over larger area.

This can be significant as it will mean that structures are built wider and larger without any risk of failure.

  • Increased efficiency

Next benefit of any wide-flange beams for any home building will be the weight of beam itself. As compared to square beam of almost the same size, your wide-flange beams will weigh less.

As they are optimized for supporting bigger load, all these beams are much more efficient as compared to other alternative.

  • Standard sizing

Further, wide-flange beams will have standardized size chart for any given country. Because of this, it allows any professional builders, architects and engineers to communicate easily what beam size will be needed during planning or construction.

Good and effective communication will always mean less of chance of the residential building project may get delayed because of beam sizing issues

  • Better Support

These wide flange beams, also called as I-beams, that can bear heavier load as compared to lally columns.

Therefore, they offer more amount of support and are sought-after by most homeowners who are planning to prepare their homes for any additions/renovations or similar other projects.

  • No obstructions

One most obvious reason of choosing any wide flange beams instead of lally columns will be the ability of freeing up space. In case, your home has lally column in their garage, for example, it will become harder to maneuver your ATVs, lawn equipment and any other bulky objects all around it.

Beams can leave the basement or garage totally free of obstruction.

  • Visual Appeal

Finally, spaces broken up with lally columns can be considered less aesthetically appealing than those without. Often these columns become an eyesore and also can interrupt space, and make it difficult to strategically arrange furniture.

Beams, placed against basement ceiling, hence they are nearly out of one’s sight to create less visual impact as compared to lally columns.

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