Gemba Walks And Your Business: Find Your Learning Curve!

Every business needs to find ways to improve the way it operates. Sometimes, the flaws and concerns are obvious, and it is easier to take the decisions. However, what happens at the actual workplace can be a complete eyeopener at times. Even the best practices, habits and process have opportunities for growth and improvement, and with Gemba Walks, you can focus on that better.

Knowing the basics of Gemba Walks

Gemba Walk is basically a form of lean management, where managers go to the actual place of work, ask questions, talk to employees, observe flow of work and operations, with the intention of finding possible scope for improvement. Gemba Walk focuses on the work flow and the processes involved in it, so it should not be a means to evaluate and correct employee performance. In more effective words, Gemba Walk is all about observation and taking notes, which eventually come in handy for taking strategic decisions.

App for better Gemba Walk

Conducting a Gemba Walk often involves taking a lot of notes, asking questions, and recording evidence and information, and that can be done better using an app, such as the one designed by Tervene. A Gemba Walk app is designed to help first-line managers, so that they can streamline the process and use the data and information later to make the most of the exercise. If you are considering an app, always check the features. At the very basic level, you should be able to add notes, images, videos and texts as required, and the app should offer collective information in a presentable format.

Make it a part of your business

Gemba Walks have helped businesses around the world and across industries, and it is a rather simple exercise that may have a huge bearing on how your company operates. If you want to make the most of the process, consider involving everyone. Every worker and employee should know what a Gemba Walk is all about, and they must be encouraged to share details. Things may seem completely wrong on an exercise like this, but refrain from suggestions and keep it all about observation.

With apps coming the picture, Gemba Walks are easier than ever and would be more effective and useful in taking management decisions. No matter which niche your company belongs to, it might be an exercise for the future and it is definitely worth considering, especially in a competitive environment where productivity matters the most.

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