Get Familiar with Document and Hard Drive Shredding Methods

Businesses that hold client’s confidential information needs safe disposal using proper shredding method. There are several privacy laws that are enforced on businesses, which need to them to dispose sensitive information securely, so as to avoid security breach or identity theft.

Document shredding methods are not the same. At Houston paper shredding services, the most secure and efficient methods are used, so as to protect business privacy breaches. It is a certified company, where the technicians are trained and vetted thoroughly, so as to handle and destroy sensitive data properly.

Document shredding methods

Document can be shredded using the following methods –

Strip cutting method

  • Paper is shred in long strips
  • The shred width will be ¼wide
  • Bet for light basic shredding use

Cross cutting method

  • Paper is shred in cross section
  • Shred width is 7/32” x 1.27/32”
  • Faster than the micro-cut shredder
  • More secure than the strip cut shredded

Micro cut method

  • Offer highest security level
  • Paper gets shred onto confetti like pieces
  • It shreds six times small than the cross-cutting method
  • Shred size is of width 5/32” x 15/32”

The first two methods have been compromised in the past, where strips get reconstructed carefully and original document restored. It means the narrow the strip the harder it gets to reconstruct, so for high security micro cut method is the best.

Even though it is pricey than the first two but protects customer’s & employee’s confidentiality as well as business trade secrets. Moreover, identity theft gets prevented and disposal information law gets adhered to committedly.

Hard drive shredding

Todays, digital age makes it necessary to store customer’s information safely. Even if the file is deleted using software interface the same protection is not got like shredding the hard drive physically. Method used for hard drive shredding are –

Shearing – The drive’s electronic component and platter gets totally destroyed. Hard drive shredders are equipped with hard steel cutting shaft including widened gap sets and time conveyor belt, so as to prevent overfeeding.

Hard drive shred residue includes metal chunks, which cannot be compared to finely shredded documents. If you need to meet data destruction needs strictly then choose a hard drive disintegrator [crusher type].

Crushing – An irreparable hole is punched through the hard drive. Thus, the magnetic components get fractured. Magnetic trail holding the information gets disrupted making it totally unreadable. Hard drive crushers are expensive but it is sensible to have this process outsourced.

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