How Chatbots Can Be Used Effectively to Satisfy Customer Demands

There have been many different approaches to improving customer service over the years, and where once you could satisfy the demands of your customer base with offers of free delivery or the speed of delivery, these days you are more likely to find success by improving customer service standards. All customers want is to be treated with respect and understanding, with a fast resolution whenever there is a problem at hand. If you have a company website and a call centre team taking inbound customer service and sales calls how can you satisfy customer demands? One way is to think about the implementation of chatbots in certain aspects of your delivery.

As the customer experience has shifted dramatically towards a digital one it is more important than ever before to be able to deliver the same standards of customer service whether your customer is using an automated process on your website or speaking to a real human being on the telephone. We find that the best approach to satisfying customer demands is to have a healthy balance between both, but chatbots can be extremely useful when placed in the right location along the customer journey.

Virtual agents on websites can now be utilised in ways like never before, with a much more natural language pattern that is sometimes undetectable as a chatbot. Virtual agents can now understand much more complex questions and conversations with customers, and this has helped to dramatically shift the landscape and allow for a greater effectiveness when funnelling customer queries and complaints to the correct location.

Think about it, if a chatbot has the intelligence to direct you to a certain page on a website to answer your question quickly, you’re happy with the outcome. Alternatively, if there is a more specific query that needs a human answer, a chatbot can take all of the initial information required further down the line and direct the customer to a specific contact centre agent with the means to resolve the issue quickly. In this example the customer is extremely happy to have had the issue resolved quickly, but also to have that human touch that most customers feel is necessary to maintaining a long-term relationship with any brand.

Basically, you want to know that should you have a problem of any kind, that there is a human voice on the end of the line to help resolve the issue. However, most modern customers are happy to use automation and modern chatbots to help resolve smaller issues or guide them towards the right person in the contact centre. The last thing anyone wants to do is repeat the same things over and over again to multiple human customer service agents. It causes upset and distress, whereas a chatbot can take the information once and feed it into the system for all to see.

It is a much more streamlines and straightforward process, and has certainly helped to make the customer experience a much more enjoyable one for many contact centre services.

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