How much does a certified divorce financial analyst cost in Baltimore?

Marriage can create a financially dependent void for either partner in a relationship. Divorce has three major steps, dividing property, spousal and child support, and child custody that can often turn into a battle for the couple. Divorce lawyers help them make the appropriate financial decisions when it comes to mediating a divorce appropriately. A certified divorce financial analyst helps the divorcing couple manage difficult financial decisions. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) to help discover, diagnose, design, and control a plan for an amicable financial division of resources using a baltimore divorce financial analyst.

CDFAs can help make the divorce more efficient, and less expensive. CDFAs are useful to the divorcing couple when they have to collect, organize, and get ready financial information. There is a myriad of financial details that need to be analyzed. A CDFA can help prepare a martial balance sheet that is as shared as it could possibly get. There are some important tax considerations to take when thinking about divorce. A dollar is not always worth a dollar because the cash in a bank account is worth more than any cash in a retirement account. Every asset has tax liabilities because if you take money from a retirement account you might have to pay income taxes.

CDFAs help a divorcing couple decide how much the couple has to divide amongst themselves. CDFAs prevent money from being wasted through fighting various aspects of the divorce settlement that needs to be reached in a method that is the least painful for both parties involved. A CDFA can help a couple can help everybody involved in the divorce educate themselves about their financial situation. CDFAs have the option of charging lower hourly rates than divorce attorneys. One day divorce will end even if it does not seem like that while in the throes of it. CDFAs can prevent bankruptcy or be left only with assets but no cash.

To maintain a good divorce team, it is necessary to have both an attorney and a CDFA. A CDFA can assist the attorney while interviewing clients because a CDFA can provide insightful information. All accounting information can reveal the current financial status of divorcees. The W2, paystubs, bank statements, retirement account statements, and investment accounts, will help a Baltimore divorce financial analyst figure out the situation. The fee for one CDFA is $150-$450. Attorneys only imagine they can take care of the financial situation when divorcing, but they could make mistakes a CDFA will not.

A divorce lawyer only advises on legal aspects of divorce even as most financial divorce lawyers are not financial experts and can make errors while dividing account resources. Attorneys can make preventable mistakes. An individual in a divorce dispute has to decide which mutual funds to keep, so you should be selective. Sometimes a couple may become suspicious of each other hiding funds, in particular, if both parties share a business. A spouse could be hiding many assets in accounts that the other half does not know about. The financially dependent spouse is not allowed to know information regarding the family finances. It is easy to keep another person in the dark. Some hidden financial assets may require the hiring of a private investigator or a forensic accountant. Sometimes one party will stop making child support payments. A CDFA comes into making sure that one half of the couple has secure finances so that they will not be as bad off if this happens. CDFAs offer insights that an attorney simply does not have the skill to help manage a divorcee’s new future.

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