ISO Auditing: What Must I Do If I am Unhappy With My ISO Auditor?

Most organizations avoid complaining since they’re concerned about that auditor returning. Even though you can ensure they do not return, does your trouble modify the registrar organization who’s, in the end, delivering the following auditor? Worse than this, within our experience registrars simply don”t see anything wrong using what their auditors do. Installed it lower to personality conflicts and misunderstandings plus they appear completely miss the chance for corrective action. That stated an unofficial complaint or “challenge” of the finding is frequently reviewed favorably.

Obviously you have option to complain towards the accreditation agencies (e.g. ANAB). However, these, too, are rare. You should know that although ANAB is independent, it’s funded through the people they’re investigating complaints against. Since September 2006 (three years) there has been 93 complaints against registrars (browse the ANAB website at That’s about 31 each year. The number of registered information mill there? (figures are difficult to inform because there’s nobody source). In america approximately 100,000 may be appropriate, which are audited not less than eventually annually!

So basically we would urge you to definitely complain and proper auditors who’re wrong, we’re realistic. Choose your battles. If required ask “nicely” for findings to become reviewed. If it is a behavior issue or once it becomes clear that you should get value for which you have to pay, the easiest route would be to just change registrars. A brand new registrar may take over your certification with no expense or effort – they just occupy in which the 4g iphone ended. When negotiating using the brand new one you may make your points obvious and be sure follow-up.

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