How to get a writing job as a new freelance writer?  This is a question which pops in everyone’s mind who is new to freelancing. A new freelance writer doesn’t have any knowledge about how it works. They don’t have experience. Some might choose this field because of their love for writing. While others choose it for earning some extra money. Whatever the case might be, the new freelance writer should start somewhere in order to land in an assignment. We cannot expect to land with an assignment which gives huge pay. As a beginner, we must strive hard. Some might land up with a big gig, but it’s not same to all.

In the beginning, the pay will be less and work will be huge, but as you gain experience, reputation, get more testimonials & referrals, the income will start growing. It will be tough in the beginning because you need to build your freelancing career from the scratch.

It is useful if you mention in what type of content writing services you wish to work on. Note down your interests and start searching based on your interests. It will be difficult to find a job matching your interest but keep trying on and be patient. You can create a profile in many freelancing websites where many people post their projects. Some projects need you to bid on it. You can bid on the project according to your interests. Some clients will ask you to submit a sample to check your vocabulary.

Practice makes a man perfect! You see, practice plays a vital role in shaping your career as a writer. Good writing gets more projects. So start practicing today. Give yourself a topic and start writing. You can post in social media groups, start your own blog.

The first thing to do after deciding to become a freelance writer is to research about freelance writing. Find other freelance writers and have a look at their websites. Because when you go through their websites you might get an idea about the business. As a new freelance writer, you would have no idea how to write a blog post or what kinds of jobs there are for freelance writers. You can also visit websites such as Freelancer FAQs, Be a Freelancer Blogger, The Writer life. You can also learn more about freelance writing when you visit these websites.

The second thing is you should be familiar with the skills and tools required. You should keep track of all your projects, client details. Keep a notebook and jot down the ideas and also note down the tasks you should be doing. It’s tough to land in writing gigs. You might get rejected, turned down, but remember confidence is the key to become a successful freelance writer. The third thing which you should take into account is to practice writing. At first, you might find it difficult to get your thoughts into writing. Keep on practicing. Reading will improve your vocabulary and language.

Create a portfolio of your work. Some clients want to see samples of your work. Draft a few samples and send it to your clients. You can search jobs in various freelancing websites. Make sure you apply for the job which you are interested in. After landing in a job don’t forget to keep on learning. You can develop your skills by learning.

For instance, if you aspire to be a successful real estate copywriters, you must have knowledge about the real estate. This kind of writing requires a copywriter to work on-site. They need to create catchy advertisements to sell a property. It also should contain content about the property.

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