Oil Is Not Just For Fuel

If someone were to ask you to name something made from oil, your first response might be gasoline. As the most common product made from petroleum, it is the most well known. Were you aware that other products get made out of oil? Yes, fuel powers a lot of everyday products, but we are not talking about those. We mean the products that come from the oil itself.

When crude oil or natural gas gets processed at a refinery, it’s converted into numerous petroleum products. Because oil is one of the most significant selling commodities in the world, oil fields have found ways to use almost every part of it to optimize selling. With the help of machinery provided or maintained from places like Renegade complete oil field services, there are a lot of standard products that we use made out of oil.


Yes, you read it correctly. One of the most common medications used to treat pain, inflammation, fevers and cold worldwide, Aspirin consists of Benzene, a hydrocarbon derived from petroleum.

Note: Other medications also use Benzene.

Crayons and Colours

A staple of every kindergartener, these colourful sticks are made from distilling petroleum, which is an oil product.

Cleaning Products

Did you know that you scrub off oil from your countertops with oil? Yes, that’s right. Most household cleaning products contain petrochemical. The most common of which is glycerin. Found in laundry and dishwashing detergents, the standard cleaning supply wouldn’t work efficiently without it.

Chewing Gum

The base of the gum requires petroleum wax. Don’t worry; it is FDA approved on the condition of meeting a specific ultraviolet absorption limit.


You have to look around you to see how much plastic is a part of your life. From chairs to cell phone cover, to bags to your lunch box, chances are everything is made out of it. Almost all plastics require oil for production.

Clothes: Unless you wear 100% natural fibre clothes, you may have either a dresser full of polyester clothes or of clothes that use a mix of natural and polyester fabrics. It is a synthetic petroleum fibre, used to make upwards of 60% of the clothes worldwide.


Although oil has got a bad reputation these days, it is responsible for manufacturing so many products other than fuel. The bad reputation is usually because of misconception and fracking. The fact is we need oil to maintain our current needs and lifestyle. Although we need to be conscious of its environmental impact, we should not demonize it.

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