Planning to Become a Video and Film Production Intern? Here’s what you Should Know

Internship programs for film and television production are available in many companies. For nearly all aspects of production, from writing to camera work to producing, an internship program is available. With this program, a production company gets free labor and identifies possible candidates for current or future positions. As an intern, you can get hands-on experience and the chance to build a relationship with the recruitment team. Also, your internship will give you some benefits that most full-time employees of the company may not be able to avail of. For instance, you can explore other avenues.

Looking for Film and Video Internship Programs

When you take a production internship, you might be working in different departments like camera, makeup, or lighting. In fact, you could be assigned in the film post production process. Or perhaps you might be working as an office intern in a media corporation. Below are some places to look for internship programs:

  • Career center. Career centers are possible valuable resources that may have contacts you can pursue. Set an appointment with a career counselor to explore the resources available and how to approach a possible employer.
  • Websites. Nearly all major media companies provide a variety of internship programs in any capacity you can imagine. Usually, they post these opportunities on their websites.
  • Daily trades. In some trading papers, you may find weekly lists of television and film program being shot. A lot of such lists include the production office’s contact numbers. Just dial their number and ask to talk to the production coordinator.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

You have to realize that an internship is a huge opportunity. While you might not get paid, you have to treat it like a full-time job. Keep in mind that the people you will be interacting with during your internship might someday provide you with your first job in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, you have to note also that a deferred pay internship program is increasingly becoming more popular today. This is especially true with smaller production companies that will usually pay their workers after producing a TV or film show. Remember that you will unlikely to get paid when you agree to this kind of arrangement.

As an intern, you have the responsibility to listen and learn. Your employer might give you lowly duties like serving coffee or running personal errands for someone. But, giving respect to your internship opportunity will help you ensure successful completion of the program.

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