Questions to ask your courier service provider

To avoid confusion regarding the process of delivery, you should ask the following questions to the carousell courier service provider before hiring them for your business.

What are the delivery modes your company offers?

Courier service is nothing but the transportation service which will help you get your products delivered to the customers in any mode of transportation. So, you should ask the company about the available methods of transport. A company may have trucks and cars or may send them via the sea and air at times.

Will you deliver to international locations?

If you are looking for a courier company for your e-commerce website, you should confirm whether the company can do the logistic services to serve your international customers. Hence, you should ask the company for the method of transport and the maximum time for such delivery activities. Some companies may not offer international couriers.

How optimal is your shipment rate?

You should ask about the pricing of the shipping company for the various services it offers. You can compare the rates with other courier providers else ask the company itself about the factors that justify the cost of the shipment. You should confirm the inclusion of all the desired services here itself.

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