The Best Shop Fittings

How you chose to use the space within your store will have a direct effect on your profit. The likelihood of an item’s sale relies upon the appeal of its display as well as the customer’s accessibility to it. The organisation of your store’s layout impacts the flow and orientation of customer traffic. Giving it only a little consideration may cause the customers to become frustrated, while alluring and efficient designs can lead to increased spend. There are certain shop fittings that support a more welcoming and attractive store. While each space is different, the following items are versatile and will bring benefit to almost every space.

Slatwall Panels

Making use of your vertical surfaces is good business sense. Even if you do not need to alleviate congestion from the centre of your shop, which slatwall panels are often used for, they are a prime choice for increasing display options. Easily affixed to most walls and surfaces, they allow items to be displayed at any height without obscuring the customer’s view.

Their basic design is what makes them continuously popular. The simplicity with which mounts are removed and placed benefits a store with changing stock or those that look to keep their displays fresh. To swap fittings is intuitive and requires no training, meaning that it can be utilised by every employee.

Central Gondola

The shop’s central gondola is a continuously used piece of furniture and for good reason. It is a stable and easily accessible display fitting for a wide variety of items. However, one of its great usages is often neglected, which is that it is manoeuvrable. The layout of your store not only requires a certain space for customers but it also requires a changing space. During busier periods, such as the holiday season, your custom will increase and more space will be required for comfortable shopping within your store. In this scenario, the central gondola can be moved or taken away entirely to create more space for a comfortable experience.


Counters are the most important piece of furniture for your store but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. They are relied upon for their practicality and functionality, which is important. A counter’s space and tidiness can directly affect the flow of transactions and, therefore, the store’s takings. However, it is also the last part of your store the customer will remember. Their opinion of the experience will largely be formed around their checkout experience. For a lasting and positive impression, it is important that the tilling area is not only efficient but also welcoming. It can be a great idea to try and sell last minute or discounted items by your till but a well-designed and attractive counter may leave a better impression.

Many shop fitting suppliers will also be forthcoming with advice on how to improve and optimise your store’s space. Since this space is a cost factored into your overheads, it is in your best interests to make sure this space is used to its full potential.

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