The Importance of Analysing Your Customers

The customer journey is possibly the most important process in your entire business. Building a route that your customer instantly recognise as your brand, is easy to navigate, points to products and services that you want to sell, provides excellent customer service standards, and leaves a satisfied customer at the end of the journey, is vital to enable your business to thrive. Without a clear strategy of your customer experience, and a roadmap that can be implemented and spread across multiple platforms and locations (if necessary) your business will fail. You might be able to find short-term gain through promotions that find brand new customers, but you will never be able to grow a solid customer base of loyal customers that allows you to expand as a business and move to the next level of success.

Clever customer service analysis is a massive step forwards for any business in understanding the current levels of customer satisfaction and the way in which processes that have been implemented by your business management have led to those results. By analysing your customers and your customer service standards and approach, your business can begin to make long-term plans with actual detailed process and targets, improving customer service to such an extent that customer satisfaction levels will naturally improve, and as a result so to should profits.

It is important that your customers feel valued at all times. From the very first impression they have of your business you’ll have the chance to potentially snag a long-term customer, whether in store, online, or on the phone, through the query stage, through to purchase and post-service (as well as a complaints and returns procedure).

Your customer service department is so important and should always be a priority from day one of the business. It should have clear and explicit protocols and expectations at all times, allowing you to scale the department as the company grows. Every customer service employee should understand what is expected from him or her, from when they first take a call from a brand new customer, and what to do if there is a complaint. Your brand should be consistent and recognisable in person, on social media platforms and via telephone. Only if your business is consistent will it have a chance for greater client retention and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Clever and thorough customer service analysis must be completed properly, conducted over a full working session ideally in order to gain complete insight into working practices and whether your protocols are being implemented by staff consistently and to the required standards. Look to your staff members on the frontline for advice, ask team leaders and managers about what they think of the processes in place and where things could be improved, and more importantly, speak to your customers too and ask for feedback on how your business is performing in a wide range of matters. Customer service analysis, and customer analysis through such measures as mystery shopping, will benefit from working with a professional customer service analysis team that can provide you with an impartial, honest report on how your customer service standards match up to expectations.

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