The Need for the Intranet Is More Prevalent Than Ever Before

There is no doubt about it. The Intranet has become one of the prized possessions of corporate culture. It is something that has allowed people to share files without emailing files or engaging in logging onto a cloud environment. It is true that the cloud has been great for sharing data, but the Internet sites provide a greater level of security.

The Process of Sharing Files

What people quickly realize when they are utilizing an Intranet is that there are a number of files that are being shared online all the time, but there is always an issue with data security. When you are using the Internet there is less of a chance of a security breach from outsiders that may be trying to penetrate the network. It also adds a higher level of convenience as well because it changes the way that people share files.

Faster Data Exchange

Connecting with any sort of Intranet Software from Sproket will get you a faster exchange of data. You can put all of your data in the cloud where it can be shared. There’s also a better chance to shoot up more data at once. Email has become somewhat limited when it comes to sharing big files. If this has been the dilemma it makes more sense to consider the benefits of an Intranet site where files can be shared instantly.

Server Backups

It makes sense to look at this as the main option for sharing data because it is also a very helpful for backing up data. Companies are always in need of backup software that will allow them to have a redundant network where that can be assessed when a server crashes. There needs to be a server backup where these files are simply shared without being physically loaded to multiple machines. With this one set of files in place the data is consistent. There are not multiple files of the same document floating around. That makes it easier to recover the most current files when a server crashes. When files are not stored locally on a hard drive it makes the data more manageable. The files are spread out among different computer users it becomes harder to do a practical backup.

The Employees That Work from Home

Another thing that makes the Intranet environment work so well is remote users that work from home. These are going to be people that may not even have an office in the workplace. When the employees need to access the files at the office it becomes much easier if there is an Intranet community.


The organization plays a huge part in how company administrators build the Intranet. When you have this type of sharing environment it becomes easier to group departments and restrict access based on what different end users need. The virtual organization of the network heavily depends on the Intranet portal that is created. This is where the proper organization of files starts.

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