Things To Know About Hitachi Sumitomo!

hitachi sumitomo is a type of multi-purpose crane which is used for various applications. It can be used to handle everything from construction, civil engineering to port cargo handling. Its capacity is 55 Ton which is enough for these purposes. It provides excellent mobility over soft surface areas. The parts of the crane can be assembled and disassemble.

Features Added To Make It Unique!

Their features are designed to enhance the machine’s sustainability, safety, performance, and mobility. It has a powerful new-generation engine that is capable of handling heavy loads efficiently. The large display panel is also there to avoid confusion as it gives all the necessary details in an easy layout form.

Safety Counts!

Safety is the most important part when you are looking for a crane. Keeping safety as a focus in hitachi sumitomo, the machine is designed by having the following features :

  • Auto-drum lock
  • Alarm warning system
  • Brake pedal
  • Swing limitation device
  • Folding handrails, etc.

The machine is eco-friendly as it doesn’t release much toxins and gas. It can last up to 20 years if taken care of properly. With its high quality, reliability, durability, and high power, Hitachi has created a very good impression on cranes buyers.

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