Three Important Things to Keep in Mind when Designing your Packaging


Your product packaging represents your brand. It evokes excitement and benefits your business with calls to action for your target audience. When shipping products to customers, you want to customize it to ensure it carries your brand message. When designing your packaging, keep the following pointers in mind:

Know the Different Kinds of Packaging

Boxes are not the only kind of packaging available for products today. Depending on what suits your product, you can pick from packaging options such as mailer boxes, bubble mailers, rigid envelopes, and custom mailer envelopes. In fact, you can prefer to use more than one kind of packaging. For instance, you can use a bubble mailer for smaller items and a box for larger ones.

Decide on the Packaging Material

When choosing the weight or thickness of your packaging material, think about what is best for your product. The right material will help you use packaging that is of

better quality than Packlane.

The below can help you out:

  • Corrugated. This material is composed of paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it. Although this is sturdy, corrugated is flexible which makes it ideal for produce as well as heavy and fragile items. Also, it is best used for making subscription boxes, e-commerce packages, and shipping cartons.
  • Paperboard. This packaging material is coated for folding cartons, sleeves, and trays. It is a lightweight material that provides great printing results. Ideally, it is used for dairy, cosmetics, food, hardware items, pharmaceuticals, and retail products.


Evaluate your Budget

Custom packaging costs money. Thus, you need to look at your budget before you decide on the kind of packaging to invest in. If your budget is tight, consider starting small or choose the DIY route. Just let your creativity run wild and you can have great packaging for your items.

Consider the Size

In case your product comes in four different sizes, consider designing two different sized packages to accommodate them all. Aside from saving time and money, this ensures consistency throughout your products.

After picking the right packaging size for your items, designing comes into the picture. Start by getting the box’s dimension and adjust the design based on this. To carry out the design process, use dependable software like Adobe InDesign. Also, consider your brand color and decide on the font. To make the most of your design, make sure you include calls-to-action, social media handles or website address on your packaging.

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