Understanding a marine voyage data recorder

Learn About The Marine Voyage Data Recorder

A marine voyage data recorder or a VDR is a device used in ships. It records the data related to the operation of it, which can be later retrieved. That records different information that might be useful while investigating an accident or any mishappening on the ship. The device can store the data for up to twelve hours at least. The data that there for more than twelve hours gets replaced by the new one from time to time. The recordings stored in the VDR can recover later as it gets stored in digitized and compressed form.

Working of the marine voyage data recorder

The working of the marine voyage data recorder is easy to understand. It has the DCU (Data Collection Unit) that collects the data with the help of sensors all around and, then that data is stored; in digitized and compressed form in the capsule present in the device. This capsule stores the data for a minimum of twelve hours and up to forty-eight hours. It gives supply to the device through the main power supply of the ship. That device has a battery backup of two hours to record the events happening on the voyage.

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