Versatile Types of Structural Steel Aids in Construction of Strong Structures

Structural steel has been the most supportive material in construction of all types of buildings whether it is small house or sky scrapers. It is chosen because of its versatile benefits aiding in constructing well designed strong structures.

Another advantageous fact of structural steel is its availability in varied kinds. Each type has its own prominent utilizing quality.

Noting few mainly used kinds of structural steel:

  • American standard beam: Commonly known as S beam as it has rolled section with two parallel narrow flanges all of them connected by a net frame.
  • Angle type: Known as L-shaped beams as two legs are together at 90-degree angle. The leg sizes can be different. They are mainly used for floor systems because of the reduced structural depth.
  • Bearing pile: It is of H- shaped mainly used for depth foundation. It aids in deep foundation system bearing efficiently the load transferring from the pile to the tip. They are better used in dense soil which prefer to give at most resistance at the tip. It is a proven fact that this bearing pile steel can bear the weight of more than thousand tons.

  • Channel: For this type varied terms are used like Structural C channels, C beams, C shaped cross section. They have top and bottom flanges having a web connecting them. Mainly used in short or medium structures and cost quite less. Even used in marine piers, bridges and buildings.
  • Flat sections: They are the most usable type as it easily connects to other kind of section as per the requirement of structural engineer. It even acts as a powerful tool by connecting to the other sections.
  • Hallow steel sections: These sections are hollow and are tubular. The units shape can be square, rectangular, circular or can be elliptical. The HSS structure seems to be rounded with its radiuses that are two times thicker than the wall. Mainly used by constructors and engineers in frames and units experience loading in different ways.

  • I-beam: Well known as universal beam having dual horizontal flanges and vertical part connecting web. The later part can withhold shear forces and the flanges doesn’t let the beam to bend. They vary in size and quite useful to carry shear and bending loads.

There is even customized metal fabrication in accordance to fulfill the requirements in their structural projects. Thus, it is best to contact steel dealers in your locality providing well branded required materials at standard price.

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