Want to organize BBQ catering for your next event? Here are some tips!

Planning an event requires plenty of effort for sure, but certain aspects need more attention. Guests are usually interested in what is being offered i.e. food and entertainment. If you don’t want to serve the regular items on the menu for your next event, BBQ catering can be a good alternative. Before you select a company for BBQ catering, there are a few things to note.

Know your choices

First things first, consider the space, venue and the kind of event you are organizing. If this is an elaborate wedding somewhere around the countryside, you would want to have a full-service caterer at work. Such packages usually include everything that you would need at the venue – initial setup, servers for serving the guests in buffet style, all additional bar arrangements, and final clean up. Setup usually covers all the tables and linen, and the caterer will also take care of the equipment required to prepare and stock the food. Once the event is up, the caterer will clean up the space as required. Depending on the kind of contract you have with them, you can seek dessert stations and passed appetizer services, as well.

However, when you don’t have the space for such arrangements or need to cater to a few guests, delivery might work better. The same food will be prepared and sent fresh to your venue, with disposable ware and utensils as required. Full-service catering is more ideal for large events, while delivery is great for smaller groups.

Talk to the caterer – detail

Every caterer has a few special items on their menu. For example, if you are organizing a Texas barbeque meal, you need brisket on the list. Also, it is a good idea to know about the kinds of meats they serve, and the more, the better. From something simple like pork ribs to exotic items made from local produce, the choices are many, depending on what you wish to spend. If you have vegan guests on the list, consider their needs, as well. A good menu includes something for everyone and has a decent number of choices.

Finally, talk on the budget, because it determines what you really get for the price. If you are opting for delivery at home, you can skip the need for disposable serving ware and utensils to save some money. Get the booking done in advance, especially for large events as most caterers only handle limited clients in a day.

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