What Are The Benefits Of Using Softphones?

You might not want to have any physical phones inside your office because they could develop faults and the handsets might take up a lot of space on people’s desks. There is a viable alternative to having desktop phones. You should consider having softphones that are accessed through computer programmes instead of the traditional method.

What are the different advantages of using these softphones?

The Employees Can Call People Quickly By Clicking On Their Information

When you use a quality VOIP phone company, they will set up VOIP systems that allow for calls to be made with the click of a mouse. All the employee has to do is hover over the name of the contact as they are listed on the computer screen. Then the employee can click the name and the call can begin.

This will save a lot of time. The employee will not have to look for the phone number in a directory that they have on their desk. They will also not need to scroll through a list of previous calls which are stored on a landline phone.

This makes the entire business much more streamlined.

The Employees Will Be Able To See Incoming Calls On Their Computer Screen

Sometimes, people cannot hear the sound of their landline phone when they are working inside a busy office. This could cause employees to miss important calls.

This is a situation that can be easily avoided by installing a softphone onto the computer. When the employee is signed into the programme, they will see that incoming calls flash up onto the screen. They can then click on the icon to connect the call and then they will be able to start their conversation.

If the call is from an unknown number, they can ask who is calling and then edit the person’s information as the call is being taken. This means that the caller’s details can be stored quickly without any problems.

The Employees Will Be Able To Send SMS Messages

Sometimes an employee might be tied up with a task that they cannot finish in order to take a call. The softphone can be configured to send a voice message to the caller, letting the person know that the recipient is away from their phone.

If the employee does not have the time to take a call, they can multitask and engage in an SMS chat with the caller whilst they are doing other work at the same time. The SMS messaging service allows employees to maximise the use of their time without having to completely drop one task in favour of another.

The Employees Are Able To Track The Calls That Have Been Made And Received

In outbound call centres, employees will be judged on how many calls they are making per hour and per day. This is useful for employers to track performance. The same can be done for inbound calls.

Softphones have numerous benefits for employees and employers.

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