What Are The Different Ways of Enrobing Chocolates?

In the simplest terms, enrobing stands for covering. While preparing chocolates, you may need to enrobe caramel, ganache nougat, nuts, or berries to enhance the appearance of the bards or candies. Now, deciding on the enrobing substance is not as difficult as enrobing the chocolate properly in it. You may consider buying a chocolate enrober for the purpose, as it will make the process way easy and hassle-free. Besides using an enrober, you can cover the chocolate using your hands or molds, or by dipping it into the enrobing substance with a dipping fork.

Let’s give you an idea about all the processes to help you make the best choice. 

Enrobing with hands

Small-scale chocolatiers or confectionery workers can use this method to coat their chocolates. All you have to do is place a dollop of chocolate on your palm and roll the candy filling in it for some time to coat the latter evenly. When you think that it has been properly enrobed, you should place the chocolate on a silicone rubber mat to get firm, before you put it inside the jar.

The dipping method

Take a dipping fork instead of a regular one, as the former has only two tines, and clean it properly. Stab the filling with the tines and dip it in the bowl of chocolate to enrobe it. Make sure you cover the entire filling with chocolate and scrape off excess chocolate from the bottom by rubbing it against the edge of the container. This last part can be quite daunting, and you can reduce the hassles by attaching a wire across the bowl for easy scrapping. That way, the excess chocolate will fall in the container instead of sticking to the sides.

Using chocolate molds

You can invest in a polycarbonate mold, as they are quite easy to clean, durable, and offers maximum convenience. Some of them also have magnetic bottoms, which helps in easy removal of the finished chocolate. You can either go chocolate first or filling first, depending on your choice and requirements. While the polycarbonate molds are ideal for the former, the silicone ones are mainly used for the filling-first process.

Using a chocolate enrober

The process is automatic and reduces the troubles of enrobing by hand or using molds, giving you all the time to focus on other things like packaging, promoting, and advertising. The conveyor takes the fillings towards the coating pump, where a waterfall of molten chocolate covers them entirely. The enrobed pieces are then carried over to be placed on wax paper, from where they can be removed without any hassle.

If you’re planning to manufacture chocolates on a large-scale, you should consider investing in a high-quality chocolate enrober to improve productivity. Contact a reliable dealer with years of experience in the field to get your hands on industry-standard equipment.

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