What is a Brand Reception Survey?

Understanding what your customers are into and what the market demands from your company is an essential part of running a successful business. Without knowledge of how your brand is received how can you develop a future brand image that is in sync with the ideals you had in mind when you first started the business? A brand reception survey is a fantastic way to find out exactly what others are thinking about when they see your brand. It helps to create a clear picture of whether or not you are positioned where you think you are and what you need to change or enhance to improve. This can be used within important strategic considerations, so it is vital that you find a company well-versed in all things CX in order to put together the best brand perception survey.

The best brands are those that are simple and that you instantly feel a connection to or a complete understanding of, even if you just glance at the company logo. Think about it, we all know how simple the branding for Apple is, or Coca Cola, Amazon or Instagram, and it only takes a split second to have a real thought about what that brand means to you and what they represent. Your company is growing towards a long-term future of success and by understanding where your brand sits at the moment in your industry and in the minds of your customers and potential customers, it allows you to have an idea of what needs to happen in order for the brand to be perceived in a more positive fashion, even if it already is viewed in a positive light.

A professional and experienced CX company will understand how to conduct full and thorough research where necessary, as well as put together in-depth brand perception surveys that get to the heart of the matter and help you understand your brand and how you are seen from outside. There are some areas that you should focus on when putting together a brand perception survey. This includes cognitive questions that ask consumers to talk about connections and associations with your brand, emotional questions that ask about specific feelings a consumer has about your brand, language questions that ask consumers to internalise your brand and how they would describe it to other people, and action questions that focus on specific experiences a consumer has had with your brand, both positive and negative.

For those businesses interested in looking into a brand reception survey as a tool to improve customer relationships and the processes that elicit this, should always seek out professional support in this area. Brand reception surveys from CX experts will help your company to work out exactly where your brand stands in the market, how it is perceived by existing customers, potential customers, suppliers, and can be used to build a framework that allows you to build for the future. With the right information to hand, you can ensure that your customers are always receiving the best version of your company and that your employees are performing at the high and consistent standards that you demand from them.

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