Your 10-Point Checklist For Comparing Removal Services

Relocating from one place to another is a complicated affair. There are endless things to consider, but before anything else, you will have to find removal firm that can take up the job. The whole process of packing, sorting, and removing things can be exhausting. Thankfully, there are a quite a few options. Depending on where you stay, you can choose between numerous removal services, but some are obviously better than others. Here are the 10 pointers that will help in comparison.

  1. Start with a quick online search. Professional removal companies like A.G Jacob and Son have their own sites, where you can find plenty of details.
  1. Check the prices. Well, the pricing strategies may differ, but it is absolutely necessary to have a quote with a list of inclusions and exclusions.

  1. Don’t settle for the lowest quote, unless you have checked the reviews of the service. You can also choose to seek client references in your area.
  1. Go for detailed assessment. Most genuine services will send their manager or sales estimator to check everything. The detailed assessment gives a better idea of the final price.
  1. Choose a company that’s insured. In case of damage to your goods or property, the concerned service should be liable to a certain extent.
  1. Don’t pay right away. Many companies often charge customers right away, and that surely isn’t the best practice, at all.
  1. Check the payment options. Can you pay the company online? The removal service should also have slabs, especially if the final quote is big.
  1. What are the policies related to delays? Some services will charge customers for every hour. Also, you need to check the kind of vans and trucks that will be used for the job. Basically, your goods should be in safe hands.
  1. Are you comfortable with the staff members? This is something you need to consider, because well-behaved people are always better to work with.

  1. Lastly, does the company offer a service agreement, and if they do, what are the relevant terms and conditions? Do not shy away from asking questions related to these terms, because the scope of work depends on them.

Finally, take your time to understand if the particular removal service has good name in the industry. Besides client references, the company must also offer adequate support. This includes help for the actual task and assistance with other specific concerns, if any.


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