4 Reasons Why Switzerland is the Best Location for your Company

Modern business spans continents and with high technology, a company can be based anywhere and still retain a good line of communication. Wherever a company is registered, it must adhere to the rules and regulations of that country, and Switzerland has long offered very low taxation to companies that register within their boundaries. Here are just a few reasons why it makes perfect sense to move your business to this very stable country.

  1. PrestigeSetting up business in Switzerland immediately gives you a high level of prestige, and with image being so important in the modern world of commerce, this is a big advantage. Switzerland has long been associated with success, and by moving to this exclusive business environment, you are reaping many benefits. Other companies will feel confident they are dealing with a successful organisation, which gives you a solid reputation on which to build.
  1. Tax Concessions – There is a total of 26 Cantons, or districts, in Switzerland and each has its own taxation scale, but an expert would be able to recommend the best Canton for your company registration, as it very much depends on the scope of your business. The average tax rates are significantly lower than in other European countries, especially for holding companies, which Switzerland seems to look on favourably. The low rates of taxation are probably the main reason why investors prefer setting up business in Switzerland, and this doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.
  1. Central Hub of Commerce – Switzerland has a long and distinguished history of commerce, with banking and commodity trading particularly evident, so if you are a private investor who is looking to expand, setting up a holding company will give you many benefits. Many other commodity traders are based in this country, and due to its central location, you are only a few hours from any European city. The fact that America and Asia operate during the same working day means you can effectively communicate with your business associates around the world, and real time communication can be found with any European country.
  1. Financial and Political Stability –Wherever you form your new company, it will be subject to their laws and regulations, and should the economy collapse, your business might suffer as a result. Therefore, it makes sense to base your business in a country with a sound political and financial system, and you won’t find anywhere more stable than this small, but wealthy European nation. More and more businesses are realising that a Swiss based company offers many long term benefits, and with a full range of administration service available, you do not need to directly employ office staff. The future is always uncertain and in a business environment, it makes sense to eliminate as many risks as you can. The long held belief that Swiss based companies are very secure is a big draw to potential investors that wish to operate in a stable financial environment.

The process of setting up a Swiss company is made much easier by using the services of a specialist company that not only provides the registration, it also offers administration services to help you to run your business.

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