4 Tips to Follow When Booting iMX6 Android Securely and Successfully

This article focuses on listing tips and tricks to pay heed to when you are booting iMX6 android on your device. Read on.

  1. Render the process secure

Once you have considered booting, ensure that the process is secure. Don’t let your keys to leak out of your production environment or any of the process details.

  1. Keep the encryption strong

Ensure that the encryption is strong. Secure boot on iMX6 Android is compatible with the keys in many strengths. You can generate an SSL certificate with a 1024 bit public key and use SHA 1 as the encryption. This is because both of them aren’t highly secured so we recommend you to ensure that the process is secure. The software involved should also be properly coded for secure boot and must lack security holes. Nowadays boot loader U boot is compatible with HAB or High Assurance Boot means i.MX6 Secure Boot. It is also an easier process than other processes.

  1. Check your code

Ensure that your code actually fall. When you are out of the internal boot loader of the CPU, ensure that the code pays heed to the process that continues the authentication chain. You may have Secure Boot in your software, but it doesn’t necessarily check the Linux boot image or only a small part of it. This means that you aren’t fully secured.

  1. Authenticate by all means

This is done because you need bona fide security. Make sure that it pays heed to the practices established for the available libraries. The U boot supports the Secure Boot, so this comes as the least of the concern for many people. You need to keep the process secure. In other words, generation and storage of keys must be secure. If they are leaked, anyone can copy it and write that code to your device and your OS is now rendered unsecured. Secure Boot looks only after the signing and any signed image can be deemed secured by the processor. It is not enough to have only a secured OS image and ignore other forms of security. Ensure that the extra code you wrote for further use as the Secure Boot on iMX6 is used as a library. Pull it into the library to authenticate the images as all the iMX6 boards have a multistage boot process where the CPU internal boot loader loads an SPL that loads a full boot loader and it further loads an OS. Every jump needs to be authenticated.

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