Guide 101: Everything You Need To Know About Wireline Services

“Wireline services” is a term that relates to the oil and gas industry. In rather simple words, wirelines refer to electric cables that are used to gather data about the well in these industries. Wirelines can refer to single strands or multi strands and can be used for both intervention and evaluation. In this post, we are discussing further on wireline services.

Why use Wireline Service?

In oil, petroleum, gas and allied industries, wireline services are required for routine maintenance and other tasks. Companies like Renegade Wireline Service use a cabling technology to offer the services to their clients. With the cabling technology, tools are used, which help in diverse tasks, such as pipe recovery, intervention, and reservoir evaluation. Wirelines should not be confused with slicklines, which basically refer to thin cables that are lowered into the well to deliver and get tools inside. Slicklines are always single-strand ones and are non-electric, which are lowered into both gas and oil well, as required, for other tasks such as adjustment of valves and so on.

Things to know

Wireline service rely on tools, which are called wireline tools, which are lowered in the well bore by using on the end of the wireline cable. Wireline tools are used extensively for diverse requirements, depending on the purpose of the job. From finding the location of casing collars to discovering the properties of rocks and getting samples for specific research, wireline tools do it all. Many wireline services are now relying on highly-complex tools that have been designed to withstand extreme situations in the well. Downhole, situations can be severe with high pressure and extreme high temperature, and therefore, the wireline tools need to withstand all of that.

In conclusion

Wireline services are required regularly in oil and gas industries, and there are a bunch of companies that handle requirements on behalf of their clients. If your company is looking for wireline services, make sure that you check the capacities, find more on what the service provides and the locations that they deal in. It is also a good idea to evaluate the performance of the company in terms of the work pressure they can handle. Wireline services are crucial for success of diverse oil and gas projects, and for investors, these services help in managing the work smoother and faster. Check online now to find wireline services that operate in your region.

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