Selecting A Masonry Contractor: Things To Know!

Whether you need help with masonry repair, construction or replacement, finding the right contractor can make a big difference. The role of a masonry contractor may vary, depending on the needs of your project. They may get involved in retaining walls, exterior & interior finishes, making other things like firewalls, surrounds, pillars, and arches. Many masonry contractors, such as Brick Experts, also deal in restoration of damaged basement foundation and maintenance. If you are looking for a masonry contractor worth the money spent, there are a few basic things that you should be looking at.

  • Licensing and insurance. Insurance is a key aspect for selecting any contractor for residential and commercial masonry work. Besides general liability insurance, the masonry contractor should have workers’ compensation insurance, as well. Licenses are also important. Ensure that they have all the permissions required from state and local bodies to take up the job.
  • What kind of services does a masonry contractor offer? As we mentioned, you have to be extremely careful with the expertise of the service. If the same contractor can handle all kinds of installation work and related jobs, it is always an added advantage.
  • In-house team. Does the masonry contractor have an in-house team? This is also a relevant question, given that many local contractors make their money by assigning work to third-party subcontractors, and that always leads to compromises on the work. Ensure that they have experienced masonry experts on the payroll, who are trained and insured.

  • Advanced estimates. No matter how small the job may seem, you have to get an estimate in advance. The idea is to ensure that there is no room for hidden charges. For new masonry work and installation, don’t shy away from negotiation and ensure that the price is inclusive of all charges.
  • Support and maintenance. Chances are high that your masonry contractor will offer some sort of warranty on the job, especially new construction and extensive repair tasks. Ensure that these details are mentioned on paper, and do check if they can offer a maintenance contract. For some projects, this can be a good way to avoid the need for frequent repairs.

Check online now to find local masonry contractors, and do ask for references. You can also check on Google to find independent reviews. Compare your choices based on expertise, over everything else, and do not chase the cheapest estimate.

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