Some of the Health Insurance Plans in India

It comes across as a recurring theme, doesn’t it? A vast majority of the important things in life are boring by nature. If you wish to stay healthy, you must consume healthy food, which at times is quite boring. An insurance is no different. The sole purpose of buying one is to ensure financial freedom and stability in the future. But it must be done.

Things can take a quick turn when it comes to the health of a person. If you check among your close circle, you will find several instances where a patient gets admitted for one reason and the eventual diagnosis comes out to be completely different. In such cases, health insurance plans can prove to be quite resourceful. They can not only provide a financial cushion but also ensure that you or your loved ones receive the best treatment possible.

The following is a list of some of the best health insurance plans in the country.

  • Apollo Munich Easy Health Standard

Apollo Munich has carved a place for itself when it comes to health insurance plans. Thus, it is no surprise that it makes it to the list of some of the best health plans in the country. You can opt for the ease health standard plan either for an individual or as a family floater plan.

The plan offers some standard features such as cover for in-patient hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation and day care procedures. You also get access to daily allowances, AYUSH treatment cover, free medical check-ups on completion of four continuous years of association.

  • Star Health and Allied Insurance Health Optima Plan

Star Health and Allied insurance is another standalone health insurance provider that you must consider for your health needs. The plan is available for individuals and for family members as well. The plan offers auto recharge of the policy at no additional cost. It offers cover for a new-born as soon as they are 16 days old. Health optima offer the standard pre and post-hospitalisation expense cover along with domiciliary treatment and day care treatment. You also get a 120 day grace period for renewal of the health insurance plan.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Theoretically, there is an endless list of reasons why one should opt for health insurance plans. However, to bring objectivity into the matter, here are some of the benefits of health insurance plans.

  • Pre-existing Condition

Handling of pre-existing conditions largely depends on an insurer and it varies to a large extent. While some insurers provide cover for a few pre-existing conditions out of the box, others do not. However, you do have the ability to include some of the pre-existing medical conditions by paying an additional premium.

  • Cashless Service

Most of the insurers have tie-ups with hospitals. These hospitals then become part of a large and trusted network. As a policy holder when you visit any of these network hospitals, you stand to benefit from cashless service. This ensures, that a treatment is complete without you having to spend money from your own pockets.

  • Floater Plans

A family floater plan can prove to be quite handy if you have dependents. Buy paying a single premium you can get cover for all of them. Having you and your dependent parents or spouse and kids in the plan helps it average out the costs.

  • Better Health Care

Health insurance plans ensure that you have access to better health care. The lack of a health plan can give the sense of lack of funds to the medical staff. This at times can lead a person to not having access to the best possible treatment. To ensure better health care for you and your family members, buying a good health plan is the smartest thing to do.

Why Buy a Health Insurance Plan?

For those of us who have had a chance to visit hospitals in the recent times or undergo some treatment, are well aware of the growing prices. To brings things into some numerical perspective, medical inflation has been in double digits for some time now. And it is way more than the standard inflation that the country witnesses’ year on year.

Apart from the ever growing expenses, we are now open to a wider range of medical conditions as well. To safeguard yourself and your family members, health insurance plans are the ideal purchase. And of course, you can use the premiums for tax deductions as well up to a maximum of INR 55,000 for a year.

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