Three Industry Areas Worth Watching

The watchword in investing is always to try and decide ahead of the pack just which industries will do well in the next few years or even decades. Today’s investment world is tricky as many businesses that were considered “blue chip” might today be seen as poor performers not worth investing in. Even if you aren’t looking to invest in the stock market, today’s day traders might do well to invest a bit of time checking these industries out when mapping out a plan for the year.

While individual companies might be worth making the gamble today, many investors are looking at investing in specific groups of stocks that cluster around certain types of industries. Whether you are someone who likes to take the slow and steady route in investing or are ready to gamble for quick returns, these are three industries many say are worth keeping an eye on, and perhaps even investing some serious cash into.

The Internet

This should come as no surprise to anyone that the fastest growing stocks today are those that service the internet. The obvious sellers such as Facebook and Microsoft might be easy picks but don’t leave out hardware companies and software developers. In addition, we will need more experts who can help us manage this highly-complicated space, so don’t forget to add in some IT management companies and retailers such as the retail superstar of the internet, Amazon. All of these companies will be in a race to see who will dominate the net over the next ten years, so betting on the right horse can land you some serious bucks when retirement time comes around.

The Environment

As more companies turn green, we will continue to see big growth in this area. The need to cut down on emissions because of new government regulations will continue to push many industries into this sector. A good example of a company that many would not once have considered part of the green business arena is FiberTech, a manufacturer of plastic molded pieces for a variety of industries. When the company made the decision to begin using recycled plastic for its primary product, it was suddenly the darling of the green business industry. It has proven to be a smart gamble for the company, even if the process brought in new costs. As more businesses take the same green path, expect to see this category of business grow and becomes more profitable.

Cutting Edge Technology

No one quite says this category like Elon Musk. Every business he has ever touched has turned to gold, and all of them were cutting edge and even considered unprofitable when he first turned to them. But Musk is not alone in looking at some cutting-edge technology and using it to found a business that not only makes a profit but also often changes the industry it contributes to as well. The video game industry is another good example. Once simply a side industry of entertainment, it is now the largest and most profitable industry, outstripping the film industry in the last year for sheer volume and profitability.

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