Various Types of Valves Used for Different Applications

In the process industries there are many different requirements of valves and hence you can get many varieties in the market too. You can thus choose the required valve as per your application and convenience of the process. In many cases, valves are designed as per the custom requirement of the application just by making little modification in the construction and design of any existing valves.

In this write up we shall try to mention about some of the sanitary valves that are very commonly used in different types of process industries.

  • Sanitary Ball valves

You can find such valves in mostly wine and beverage, dairy and food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Sanitary Butterfly valves

These valves are made of stainless-steel material and very useful for food and beverage industries. It can keep water and food very well secured.

  • Sanitary Check valves

It is a traditional disc type of valve which totally eliminates the need of any body for the valve.

  • Sanitary Diaphragm valves

You can find these valves widely in food and dairy producing industries and similar other industries. This type of diaphragm valve has been designed to try to reduce dead legs further and meet the requirement for shrinking the envelop of the valve assembly.

  • Sanitary Shut-off and diverter valves

When this valve gets closed then the fluid in the tube remains totally blocked and virtually has no path to go anywhere.

  • Sanitary Regulating valves

In order to divert or to take sample from the production line this kind of valve is needed. It can help in regulating the flow of the liquid in the tube.

  • Sanitary Sample valves and gauges

These valves are extensively used in pharmaceutical and bio-tech engineering industries.

  • Sanitary Constant pressure valves

This valve can be very commonly found in most of the industries and help to maintain the pressure of liquid flow.

  • Sanitary Air pressure relief valves

These types of valve are usually mounted in the horizontal path of the movement of flow while the main valve is mounted on the vertical path.

  • Sanitary Tank bottom valves

These types of valves are designed by machining multiple number of valve weirs into a one block of stainless-steel material.

Some of these valves are meant for directly regulating the flow of the product however in many different applications these valves are also used for providing particular utility services too where you may need to pass air or gas in its pure form.

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