Why NCERT Books are one of the best resources any student can use

Students all over the country make use of a variety of different resources in their day-to-day academic routine. Some of these resources are considered reliable, such as textbooks prescribed by schools, references provided by teachers, etc. On the other hand, students are often tempted to use unreliable study material, such as notes taken by other students. Students have different reasons for why they might turn to study material that is not approved by an expert in that subject; they might find it easier to access, simpler to understand, etc. Any student who is faced with this kind of problem should turn to the books put together by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), as they can help students overcome that issue while being a well-recognized resource on the national and even global level.

Are designed according to the CBSE syllabus

The CBSE syllabus is considered to be a rigorous and demanding one, which prepares students to be able to handle complex problems in academics as well as real life. NCERT books have been developed in a close association with the CBSE, and are often considered to be the only textbooks CBSE students will need while they are studying in school. While teachers are allowed to suggest additional study material and students are free to delve into other resources, the NCERT books are recommended by and used universally in CBSE schools as they cover the entire CBSE syllabus for all classes. The NCERT books are also updated whenever the syllabus for any subject is changed by the board. CBSE students can therefore rely on these books to get them through the entirety of their secondary education with very good marks.

Are inclusive of all students

While the NCERT books are widely used by CBSE students, these books are in no way restricted to only that particular group of students. The NCERT has ensured that their books are available to each and every student who would like to make use of them, which means that students studying in SSC schools, or even schools from other boards of education, can use the NCERT books as reference material to increase their knowledge of a particular subject. The NCERT books have an added benefit that is typically absent in a lot of books- they are available in multiple languages. Having the same content available in multiple languages is truly a huge asset, and makes these books a viable option for students with different language preferences. While the Hindi NCERT books are without a doubt highly useful for Hindi medium CBSE students, they can also be extremely beneficial for students studying in the English medium. For example, a Class 11 student who is in an English medium CBSE school, but speaks only Hindi at home, might find it somewhat difficult to comprehend and keep up with the difficult terminology seen in subjects such as Maths. In this type of scenario, the student can refer to NCERT Books for Class 11 Maths in Hindi, just to make sure that they have been able to understand each concept properly. Having these kinds of options available shows students that they need not be bound to a particular language and that they can learn and study according to their own preferences.

Make use of simple language

Unlike many reference books which tend to use complicated terms to explain advanced concepts, the NCERT books are known to be extremely student-friendly. Even the most difficult concepts are described in a way that will make sense to any student, making the NCERT books very popular among students from Classes 1 to 12. The books are created in a manner that makes them seem far from intimidating, as they often include illustrations with abstract questions that are designed to make students take an interest in the subject and ponder over that particular topic. In this manner, the NCERT has taken genuine efforts to make the books attractive to both CBSE and non-CBSE students.

Dispel the myth of good quality education being available only in English

In addition to being good for academics, NCERT books also work to preserve diversity among students. The use of these textbooks by the CBSE ensures that students are exposed to excellent study material from Class 1, right up till Class 12, regardless of whether they speak Hindi or English. Many students studying under State boards find that they are not able to find good quality reference material in their regional languages, since they are unable to find as many scholarly articles, research papers, etc. This has given rise to the myth that any student who wishes to gain anything from the education system, must study in an English medium school. The CBSE and NCERT have worked together to provide students with sample papers, question banks, study material, and even the choice to appear for exams, in Hindi or English. This has also paved the way for the NCERT textbooks to be translated into various regional languages, which is a step that countless students will appreciate and benefit from.

Aid in preparation for competitive exams

The NCERT books are considered a vital resource for many competitive examinations, at both the undergraduate as well as graduate levels. For example, it is common knowledge that students should not expect to score well in undergraduate exams such as the NEET and JEE, since the syllabi for both these exams are based heavily on the CBSE syllabus. For the most part, students are able to depend on the NCERT books to get them through the syllabi for competitive exams, along with a few additional resources. Surprisingly, NCERT books are also considered a good resource for graduate-level competitive exams such as the UPSC exam, which students can appear for only after receiving a graduate degree. The fact that the NCERT books, which are designed for students to use till Class 12, are recommended as study material for such intensive and advanced examinations is a testament to the in-depth knowledge provided by them.

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