Secure Physical Storage of Business Documents

Every business owner understand how important their document management processes are to the smooth functioning of their company, on a daily basis as well as for the overarching aspects of the enterprise. As a company begins to grow, so do the storage requirements of paper documents and it will come time to decide whether it is needed to upgrade premises, or look for a secure location to physically store business documents.

One of the biggest reasons that a growing company looks to off-site and secure storage of their physical documents is that it allows them to create some new space to actually use in productive ways again. Storage sections of a room can be replaced with a desk, a member of staff and the equipment they need to perform their daily tasks with ease. It’s all about maximising the potential for the space that you have in order to keep the company moving forward. Dead space is just money being wasted, rather than money being made for a business. This could be critical to a growing company looking to push on to the next level.

Another reason that growing businesses decide to store documents at a secure off-site location is that it can help with the administration of the company. An admin team can quickly become jaded if it is difficult to find the right document in a straightforward and timely manner. Storing physical documents off-site allows you to streamline your operations and with the digitisation of certain documents you can apply a new way of thinking where documents are recalled digitally when required. This flexibility allows your administration staff to perfect their operation, which can only be a good thing for the company as a whole as it boosts morale, reduces time being wasted and money.

What should you be looking for in a secure physical storage facility for your business documents?

It is important to look for somewhere close to your location, as you want to be able to access your business documents as and when you need to, without having to travel long distances to do so. A secure location through a document management company with a good reputation will provide you with some peace of mind that your documents are being looked after. Secure facilities for document storage will have 24-hour security and your documents will be housed in a place where only certain people will have access to them. You can also restrict access within your company, so for certain documents only senior management can obtain a copy of the original.

Having the ability to track and trace your physical documents is important to any business for the smooth running of the tasks at hand. A quality storage facility will be secure for sure, but it will also have the ability to quickly track and trace any requested documents within a fast timeframe, as well as alerting you to those documents that are at a time where they need to legally be reviewed and potentially destroyed in line with data privacy laws.

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