What Are The Legal Requirements To Set Up A Dental Office And Buy Its Equipment?

Before opening a dental clinic, you will need to put together a business plan, which will guide your steps from the first investments to purchasing all the furniture and equipment – ​​which should be the last step.

Plan for the initial costs of a clinic. The choice of location also has to be made carefully. In addition, you should consult your municipality’s city hall to find out the local requirements for operation.

Once this is done, it is time to apply for your self-employed registration at the city hall and the commercial board. The business license must be requested at the city hall, the fire department, and the health surveillance of your municipality.

It is good to remember that without a business license, your clinic becomes illegal. It is worth noting that the offices must have at least nine m² for each patient in care. So, it’s good to be aware of the size of space you want to install.

In addition to legal records and facilities, you must contact the municipal waste collection company for hospitals and large generators. You will need to register and pay a monthly fee so that all your garbage is collected correctly.

Excited to start setting up your dental clinic? Check out what is needed when purchasing equipment for your dental office and how to take the first steps:

What Does It Take To Set Up A Dental Office?

In addition to the equipment needed to provide good clinical care, from the dental professional and from the office itself, what is needed to start taking care of your first patients?

The answer, of course, can vary according to the needs of each professional. However, knowing what is most common in offices can help you decide:

  • Count on a secretary to organize your appointments schedule;
  • Ensure her a computer with good internet access and, if they are not yet online, computerize all the reports and records of her patients;
  • Organize the reception room with comfortable materials for your patients;
  • Count on a water cooler, disposable cups, tea, and coffee;
  • If you have some space, create a kid’s environment for children to be at ease while their parents are cared for. If you specialize in pediatric dentistry, this space can further contribute to a better patient experience.

These suggestions may be far from your reality right now, but consider putting them into practice throughout your career.

Although they seem minimal, they can make all the difference between your customers, mainly by presenting a much more welcoming environment for them.

In addition, it is essential that you also know the legal aspects of opening dental clinics in your city.

Some city halls require specific permits, such as the Fire Department and Sanitary Surveillance, so that the clinic can function adequately with the law.

To do this, check what licenses and inspections are necessary with your municipality’s city hall before you even start buying your equipment.

With the proper licenses in medicraft: medical, dental, and veterinarian equipment, you can safely purchase the most suitable dental equipment for the licensed office!

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